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Towing Manual

Jan ter Haar started his sea-going career as a deck officer in the merchant navy. He later transferred to the field of ocean towing and salvage where he sailed as chief officer and captain on ocean going tugs. In addition he works as consultant and visiting teacher at the STC Group in Rotterdam.

Towing Manual

Jan ter Haar
Maritime & Technology
ISBN 978-90-810900-2-5


Towing Manual

The Towing Manual

The Towing Manual presents technical issues and guidelines, based on forty years of experience, on the beautiful art of shipping.

The content of the book is built up in different phases: first a general review is given, where after the oceangoing tug is thoroughly discussed per section. Moreover, as a paper exercise, a factual departure to sea and further away from the port of Rotterdam is explained in various stages. New developments in the field are presented in different individual chapters. These developments are interesting and innovative for the branch and for the execution of work on board, not only from an economical point of view but also from a safety perspective.

Throughout the book a link is made with salvage and the offshore world. The emphasis however remains on ocean towing. Besides this, a chapter is included about ITB’s and ATB’s, as the author regards these as highly economical means of transport.

Being a seaman himself, the author freely files his opinion regarding the shipping industry, their institutions and the general regulations, as he deems necessary.

Although the manual is primarily written for students at nautical colleges, it is of great interest for the large family of tug lovers as well.