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Jan Kooijman has worked for years as a marine engineer and is active as a guest teacher at the STC Group.


Jan Kooijman
Maritime & Technology
ISBN 978-94-92083-20-3




Since the introduction of Hulpwerktuigen in 1994, this book has acquired an indispensable place in maritime education. STC Publishing now presents this revision that fully reflects the current state of the art and has been updated to the level of the latest international training requirements. The operation of a wide range of auxiliary installations is clearly described in this publication and is richly provided for of many diagrams and clear drawings. Auxiliary tools such as pumps, separators, boilers, heat exchangers, ballast water and drinking water installations are discussed extensively. Extensive attention is also paid to the theory with regard to elementary subject matter such as pressure, efficiency, hydraulics, pneumatics and piping systems. On many requests, we have developed additional theoretical questions and issues to support the theoretical material with which the student can use his knowledge about auxiliary tools tests. These questions can easily be downloaded as a PDF via the attached links.

HWT Questions part 1

HWT Questions part 2

HWT Questions part 3