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Kees Benning studied geography and logistics management and is lecturer and programme coordinator at the Shipping and Transport College, Rotterdam,The Netherlands. He is developing training courses and learning resources in port logistics and port operations for secondary vocational education students.


Kees Benning
Ports & Logistics
ISBN 978-94-92083-17-3




Breakbulk is a comprehensive manual about the treatment of breakbulk cargo. The book covers various aspects of breakbulk such as machinery, hoisting and stevedoring tools, terminal planning and logistics, customs, loading and unloading and securing breakbulk, including ro-ro transport.

The book is suitable for port education as it addresses the theoretical and practical aspects of breakbulk. In addition it deepens the knowledge of anyone who works in the port.

Breakbulk was compiled by Kees Benning, teacher at the MBO college Havens, and works at the Shipping and Transport College.

Container Handling, Storage and Transshipment


Containers, op- en overslag