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Ebook Bow Tug Operations with Azimuth Stern Drive Tugs

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Ebook Bow Tug Operations with Azimuth Stern Drive Tugs

Maritime & Technology, Ports & Logistics
ISBN 978-90-831243-2-2


The first edition of ‘Bow Tug Operations with Azimuth Stern Drive Tugs’ was published in response to a number of accidents involving bow-to-bow operations with ASD-tugs and discussions in some ports about how such tugs should be employed as bow tugs.Bow tug operations at a ship having headway are very risky, particularly in the case of ships with a very high speed on dead slow ahead – a situation increasingly seen with large container vessels.  The problem starts with the approach towards the bow and then with the procedure of passing the towline. Because of the risks involved, tug masters that have to carry out bow tug operations, and particularly tug masters of ASD-tugs that have to operate bow-to-bow, should be well trained and aware of all the possible risks. These issues are all dealt with in this book in an easy understandable way, resulting in a set of guidelines for safe operations at the bow. Furthermore, the book discusses several
crucial aspects that play an important role in bow-to-bow operations, such as skeg and stern design. As the skeg is such an important appendage for carrying out bow-to-bow operations at a ship having speed, more attention has been paid to skeg design and the effect of differences in skeg design on bow-to-bow operations. Suggestions for some test trials using your own tugs have been added in order to be able to learn about its specific suitability for bow-to-bow operations, with images explaining the trials discussed – all again focusing on the safety of tugs, tug crews and attended ships. Finally, since speed, which means speed through the water, is so critical for safe bow tug operations, renewed attention has been paid to this important aspect.