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Stabiliteit van schepen

Kees Metzlar did the nautical school on Terschelling and then spent 13 years as a mate with the Vereenigde Nederlandsche Scheepvaartmaatschappij. After this, he became a teacher of seamanship at the then Visserijschool in IJmuiden and focused more on the theory behind practice. He soon took the initiative to write a book about the stability of ships in order to improve theory and daily practice - often a question of feeling! - bring them closer together.

Stabiliteit van schepen

Kees Metzlar
Maritime & Technology
ISBN 978-94-92083-16-6


Stabiliteit van schepen

Stabiliteit van schepen

A small force from the outside is enough to bring a ship out of balance, eventually resulting in capsizing. For safe navigation, seafarers should therefore take into account many factors. For example, what does the transfer of a certain amount of water or oil from one tank to another mean? Or what is the influence of the wind on stability?

In this book important concepts are discussed such as freeboard and drainage, center of gravity, equilibrium states, stability curves and trim correction. Extensive consideration is given to the pendulum test and the influence of a free liquid surface on the stability and calculation of the wind moment. More specific topics are also discussed about ship stability when docking and running aground.

Because quite a bit of insight is required, the text is richly illustrated with clear calculation examples and drawings. Working with tables is a great tool for solving these issues. The Wagenborg Shipping BV company has kindly made the stability data of the Atlanticborg available for this.