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Willem van IJzeren sailed for a number of years as a mate with the Dutch and German merchant navy during and after the training of Grote Handelsvaart mate. One of the activities was keeping a meteorology journal, which aroused interest in the weather and everything that comes with it at sea. After the merchant navy period, he became a teacher in nautical education in Rotterdam and Delfzijl, which led him to delve deeper into the theory of meteorology. He took the initiative to write a book about what developed into the current book.


Willem van IJzeren
Maritime & Technology
ISBN 978-94-92083-15-9




Low and high pressure areas, tropical cyclones and heavy ice conditions? The seafarer can be confronted with this in daily professional practice and therefore cannot do without a good knowledge of meteorology.
Fortunately, the crew on board does not have to predict the weather themselves. The weather information comes in via the internet, satellite, navtex or other means of communication. Often in large quantities at the same time. However, this information needs to be valued to make the right choices.
In Meteorology, Willem van IJzeren, author and former teacher at the maritime school in Delfzijl, treats numerous “maritime” topics such as fog and clouds, atmospheric pressure and wind, weather systems, ocean currents and waves. This information is clearly explained with many drawings and photos in this book and is especially for MBO nautical students but also for anyone interested in meteorology.





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