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Meten, regelen en besturen van processen

Yme Dikkerboom is a lecturer in measurement and control engineering at the MBO 'Process technology' of the STC Group.

Meten, regelen en besturen van processen

Yme Dikkerboom
Process Technology
ISBN 978-94-92083-14-2


Meten regelen besturen

Meten, regelen en besturen van processen

Control valves, controllers, signals and process value are familiar terms for the measurement and control technicians. They understand both hardware and software of often complex installations that sometimes contain hundreds of measurement and control signals. A miniscule break in one of these signals can lead to a fatal failure. The measurement and control technician detects this, ensures that it is repaired and guides the process in the right direction.
Due to the enormously increased automation in the industry, more and more use is made of control technology. Packing machines, dosing installations and pelletizing machines can only work with the aid of control technology. Here too, the measurement control technician plays an essential role.
This book, the revision of Regeltechniek, has been given the title Measuring, regulating and controlling processes. The authors, Yme Dikkerboom and Teo Kleintjes, are teachers of measurement and control technology and control technology and both have years of experience in making subject matter of an often high level of abstraction accessible.

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