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Brandstoffen, Smeermiddelen, Materialen

Several subject teachers have helped write this book.

Brandstoffen, Smeermiddelen, Materialen

Teachers STC Group
Process Technology
ISBN 978-94-92083-12-8



Brandstoffen, Smeermiddelen, Materialen

‘Brandstoffen, Smeermiddelen, Materialen’ has since the first edition in 1998 gained status as a kind of standard work.

Many marine engineers (train drivers) have become familiar with it and for the students – or other interested parties – who are currently studying, this is an indispensable release.
However, technology has not stood still: the fuels have become cleaner, lubricants have become more efficient and materials have become even stronger.

The requirements of readers and students have also changed. Reason enough to get started with a new edition.

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