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Eelco Muns has worked for years in the dredging industry (Dredging company De Boer and Van Oord) and made the switch to maritime education in 2010. He now works as a team leader and teacher at the Shipping and Transport College, in the Hydraulic Engineering sector.


Eelco Muns
Maritime & Technology
ISBN 978-94-92083-074



The Netherlands is well-known for its struggle with water. The constant struggle and the organization of our country are ever-present and we know how to turn threats into opportunities: take the Afsluitdijk and Oosterscheldekering to Maasvlakte I and II as examples of Dutch glory. Or what about the Zandmotor off the coast at Kijkduin or the newest Waddeneilanden in the Markerwaard?

A great deal of hydraulic engineering is also taking place internationally, from the construction of offshore wind farms to the world-famous Palm Jumeirah off the coast at Dubai. It is not only these large-scale projects that are important.

Smaller projects such as dredging waterways, the construction of ditches and raising dikes are also necessary; to reside, live and work.

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